Server Rules

1. Use common sense.
2. The only language allowed in the chat is English.
3. There is a maximum of 6 members per group.
4. A group can have a maximum of 3 vehicles on the map.
5. It is prohibited to use hacks, server or game bugs to your advantage.
6. A maximum of 10 structures can be placed on a vehicle.
7. It is forbidden to build floating bases in the sky. (Unless is accessible from the floor).
8. It is forbidden to build bases under water. (Unless a part of it is exposed on the surface).
9. One group may have a maximum of one base. (With the exception of a maximum 2x2x2 garage that needs to be close to the main base, and without any kind of storage inside the garage)
10. Abuse of the microphone is prohibited.
11. It is forbidden to build on roads and cities or map constructions. (Any city, street, inside a mountain, or game structure). (Only Elver's bunkers are allowed to be built)
12. It is forbidden to camp loot sites from bases.
13. It is totally forbidden to have alliances between groups that exceed the 6 player limit.
14. Forbidden to "farm" kills to climb the leaderboard.
15. Any use of alt accounts is forbidden.
16. It is forbidden to hide structures, storages, and items underwater. (Read rule #8) (Only bedroll are allowed underwater.)
17. Admins are not obliged to give back any item due to any in-game situation, bugs, outages and roll backs.
18. No behaviour or language which can be considered but not limited to; Harassment, Defamatory, Homophobic, Sexually Explicit, Encouragement of Self-Harm, Racially, Ethnically or otherwise offensive.
19. Scam on trades is bannable. (Reports are only valid with video)
20. It is forbidden to build bridges to cross the map