Rules (FAQ)

Server Rules (FAQ)

1. What counts as camping from base?
Camping from base involves shooting/killing a player that is situated in the loot location, from a player built structure. Note that, by building in a highly populated zone (such as a military base, where players are always fighting) will always have you and your base under pressure, in which case attacking players back is prohibited.

2. Will I get banned if my way of access into my skybase gets raided?
No, however, if your way of access to your tower base gets raided by another player, you will be granted a set amount of time in which you can repair your base.

3. What counts as a skybase?
The skybase rule only applies if the base owner does NOT have a viable way to enter his base, as the rule suggests, by simply holding W. With that being said, that implies that water bases that simply float on water are allowed, since in most cases you can enter them without having to do anything else. The question "what counts as accessible?" comes with this question aswell. Well, the answer is simple. Accessible involves, as the rules say, the player being able to enter the base by simply walking forward. No jumping, no strafing, no nothing, just simply walking forward.

4. Am I allowed to place sentries/lockers underwater if my base is there?
However, assuming you possess an underwater base (ideally one that is visible from the surface, adhering to rule 8), you are permitted to position sentries or any form of barricade (excluding storage barricades) outside of the base. Storage barricades are to be exclusively placed inside your base.

5. What sort of scams are bannable?
Scams are only bannable if they are of material nature. If you made a trade with a player, for example, where you both have a deal of not raiding eachother (even though that might break rule 13 if both groups have >6 players summed up) and one of you ends up breaking the deal, the rule does not apply. Same goes with Steam trades ─ if you get scammed via a trade, that is none of our concern.

6. "Why did I get banned for that long for this reason?"
The punishments will be appropriate to each situation, so it is up to the staff to decide the punishment.

7. "In what situations can I appeal my mute/ban?"
If your ban was justified and not a false ban, you can not request an unban or a ban shortening, as it would be very unfair. If you have been banned by an ex-staff member, it is up to new staff members to decide upon your appeal. If you get banned multiple times for the same reason, your ban will be extended, or can even become permanent.

8. "I just purchased vault/VIP, why do I not have it on server?"
Tebex is the one that is responsible for supplying the player with their purchased store items. This usually can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30+ minutes (if you're on the server, that is). If it has been more than 30 minutes in which you didnt aquire your purchased items, create a ticket using ⁠⁠Support and wait patiently, as a staff member will shortly be with you. Keep in mind that, all the VIP commands can be found in ⁠Commands.

9. "Why do offline members count for rule 3 and rule 13?"
Allowing offline players to be excluded from the limit could potentially lead to abuse. Players might form alliances, add offline players to them, and then remove them when they come online to effectively exceed the 6-player limit. Counting offline players ensures that alliances or groups stay within the intended limit at all times. Counting offline players promotes fairness among all players. It ensures that no group has an unfair advantage by having access to more members than what's allowed when everyone is online.

10. "I just got raided and am moving bases, can I get banned for rule 9?"
If you want to move base, perhaps after getting raided, or simply because you dont like your current base, make sure to open a ticket and let us know about the location of your old base, the location of your new base, and the time it will take you to move them (remember that this time must be adequate, moreover, it must be accepted by the staff team). Not doing so might get you banned, due to our staff not knowing that you were moving base at the time of the ban.

11. "What counts as farming kills?"
Farming kills involves purposely killing the same person (such as a teammate or friend) over and over again, in intentions of climbing the leaderboards. Note that, killing freshly spawned people does not involve farming kills.

12. Why are there no kits?
We prioritize maintaining the original, unique experience of Unturned through our server. By avoiding the addition of kits, we ensure that players can fully embrace the core aspects of survival, creativity, and adaptability that make our server stand out. Kits can diminish the server's distinct identity by making the gameplay too easy and reducing the need for player interaction. We believe in preserving the server's authenticity and challenge, allowing players to enjoy a true Unturned experience.

13. Building sky bridges for raiding purposes.
Yes, players are allowed to build skybridges for raiding purposes on the server. However, it's important to adhere to the specific rules and guidelines in place to maintain balanced gameplay and ensure an enjoyable experience for all participants, such as building your skybridge in conformity with rule 20 (and if that is too short for you, just build with plates ─ its cheaper and easier to use).

14. What counts as an alliance?
Alliances involve any team-like interaction between two groups. Such as teleporting to eachother, sharing items, helping out with horde beacons and raids, and far more! Keep in mind that for breaking this rule, the punishment involves all groups in an alliance will face consequences, including the banning of all their members.