Server Commands

/tpa - Teleport to another player.

/home - Teleport to your bed.

/rules - See the most important rules.

/allrules - View all server rules.

/store - Visit the server store if you want to purchase any packages.

/stats - View your stats.

/leaderboard - View the server leaderboard.

/discord - To join our discord.

/tell - Private chat with another player.

Server Commands (VIPs)

/gadd [name] - Add a vehicle to the virtual garage

/gretrieve [name] - Retrieve a vehicle from the virtual garage

/glist - List of vehicles in the garage

/vault or /vault [name] - Access to your vault

/vaultset [name] - In case you have more than 1 vault, you can define the default that opens when you use the /vault command

/vaults - List of vaults you have

/day - Change time to day

/airdrop - Request a random airdrop

/resetkdr - Reset your kills and deaths

/fastsalvage - Enable/Disable fast salvage

/norain - Remove bad weather